Cusco 3 days tour, city tour, sacred valley and machupicchu tour

Cusco 3 days tour, city tour, sacred valley and machupicchu tour

Cusco 3 days tour , perfect combination of great tours and incredible landscapes in Cusco region, in this program we will visit the most important archaeological sites in Cusco like city tour half day, a full day in the sacred valley and in the end machu picchu the most important one.

first day: Cusco 3 days tour

Cusco city tour 



Cusco 3 days tour, Saqsaywaman

Saqsaywaman has a megalithic tipe  of construction. Where the walls were built with giant rocks. The weight of theme  probably  get about 120 tons for the zigzagging shape of it, this is definitely the great inca temple of lightning.


The Inca baths, a realy  beautiful temple dedicated to the water also is very respected by the high Andean priests. to get to Tambomachay we need to walk by 15 minutes, easy walk.

Puca pucara

The word puca pucara  in quechua means red fortress, It was a military place for the protection of the capital of the Incas, at the same time an administrative center.


Qenqo is a small ceremonial center of the incas but very interesting, where the mummification prosess was carried out, where you will see the  most beautiful inca altars, of the region of Cusco.


Gold enclosure is the translation of Qoricancha,  also known as temple of the sun, this was the most important temple of the Incas where you can appreciate the finest quality of architecture of the incas ,inside you see small temples dedicated to different gods and deities.

Main squer of Cusco city

Realy this is a beautiful place surrounded by two churches, colonial time houses with balconies of cedar wood and many of nice restaurants also, a nice place to stop te take some photos and get recomendatios what to do in cusco from our guide.


Second day: Cusco 3 days tour

Sacred valley to Aguas calientes

Cusco 3 days tour, Sacred valleyPisaq

The the Inca architect designed this Inca town with the shape of a condor that can still be seen from a viewpoint where we stop to see it.

A complete mountain that adopts this particular figure just with a litle help of human work, a lot of enigma, mystery and majesty of the surprising place and gigantic farming areas, Inca terraces, that show the greatest advance and agricultural domain.


Known as the earthly paradise, a favourite place to have and enjoy a delicious buffet lunch by 13:00.


This archaeological center has the shape of a lama where you we can see beautiful temples dedicated to different Inca gods as the great temple of the sun, the temple of the 10 windows, but the most outstanding are the beautiful water fountains that decorate the place in a formidable way, a inca face in the mountain and son on.

in the afternoon you are going to Aguas calientes (Machupicchu town) by train to spend a night in your favorite hotel

Third day:Cusco 3 days tour

Machupicchu archeological Center

Cusco 3 days tour, Machupicchu

Machupicchu is the most important archeological center in South America to understand the place and discover the mysteries of Machupicchu.

Our professional tour guide will be in charge of you, explaining and sharing memorable moments with you for a period of 02 hours, then you will have an extra time to enjoy this majestic place by yourselves.

take lots of photos, walk to viewpoints to appreciate Machu Picchu in its splendor, after to visit this place you can take any of the buses to get down to Aguas Calientes.

remember that you have to be at the train station 30 minutes before to take the train and get back Ollantaytambo, where our transportation will be waiting for you to return to your hotel in Cusco.


 price per person

$ 480.00 dollars

$ 460.00 dollars


for (City tour, Sacred valley tour and ATV tour)

  • Tourist transport
  • Professional tour guide
  • Entrance tickets to all the places to visit like.
  • General tourist tickets for all the archeological sites in Cusco
  • like city tour, Secreded valley tour and ATV tour
  • Also others ticket for Qoricancha, salt mine
  • Unlimited mineral water
  • First aid kit
  • Oxygen
  • A stop in different  local markets
  • Pick up from your hotel if it is near plaza de armas of Cusco
  • A cusqueña beer are you ready for it.

For Machupicchu

  • Professional tour guide for Machupicchu
  • Entrance fee for Machupicchu
  • Comfortable tourist transport
  • tourist train
  • -(Ollantaytambo - Aguas calientes -Ollantaytambo) or
  • -(Poroy - Aguas calientes -Poroy)
  • Buses up and down to Machupicchu
  • Tourist transport from
  • -(Ollanta to Cusco) or
  • -(Ollanta to Sacred valley)
  • Pick up from your Hotel



  • Food
  • hotels
  • Tips optional


  • Raincoats or ponchos in rainy season
  • Sunglasses
  • Hats or cap for sun
  • Solar Blockers
  • Extra money especially in soles
  • Original Passports
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Personal medication if it is necessary
  • Small backpack to carry water camaras or parsonal things


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